In SIGEP 2019 this January, Sanremo once again drew attention from many people, especially professional and non-professional baristas. However, unlike any other recent previous exhibition, the machine that got most of the attention is not Opera or Café Racer anymore, but a newcomer, the F18 coffee machine.

Joined the group of hi-end machines by Sanremo without any introduction or advertising but F18 still has a lot of attention from people. Since it was first introduced, F18 has immediately become a hot topic to discuss for coffee lovers, baristas and Sanremo fans. Everyone seems to have a huge desire to possess this coffee machine.

About F18, this is truly an icon that represents the idea of optimization by Sanremo. Starting with the design, elegant and futuristic is what you will possibly think of when you look at the machine. The solid steel frame, vibrant LED lighting system, modern touch-screen are definitely the highlights of this machine.

But it is not just about the design. F18 has nearly most of the best technologies from Sanremo. Including Real-time Stability, ensuring the temperature only fluctuates less than 0,2; Pre-infusion adjustment, allowing the barista to adjust the pre-infusion process and many more.


F18 deserves to be the most-wanted machine, at least, in the early of 2019, regarding its impressive design and latest technologies. Moreover, comparing to Opera and Café Racer, the price for F18 is much more affordable for many baristas, who want to make high-quality cups of coffee but can’t be able to buy an expensive machine, as the machine is optimized to make it easier for many people to have it. It is clear that F18 will not only bring great success for Sanremo this year, but it will play an important role in getting more people to be involved in the world of high-quality coffee as well.

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